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Authentic Dinosaur Egg #2101


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Hadrosaur Dinosaur Egg #2101


Late Cretaceous 88 Million Years Ago

Gaogou Formation

Henan Province, China

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This authentic dinosaur egg measures 7″ long” x 5-1/2″ wide

Black Walnut Stand included – Height on stand 7-1/2″ tall

Very beautiful egg!

Images include front, top, both sides, and rear

This authentic dinosaur egg from very old collection – no new Dinosaur eggs entering the US.


As far as scientists know, all dinosaurs hatched out of eggs (like all reptiles).  Many types of dinosaur eggs have been found, with shells that look very different from each other and also in many shapes.  Some of the eggs were huge – almost as large as footballs.  Others, perfectly round, such as the eggs from Titanosauridae, were the size of a bowling ball.

Scientists classify eggs by the type of eggshell.  This particular egg is classified as a dendroolithus type (-oolithus literally means stone egg). Once embryonic skeleton material has been discovered in any type of egg, paleontologists can then compare these small bones with an identified adult species. This, in many cases, has led to a positive identification of the species of dinosaur that hatched from that egg.

As of 2009, eight families, 13 genera and 37 species of dinosaurs eggs have been distinguished from the Henan Province of China. Although the parent species of all of these eggs is unclear at this time, future discoveries will continue to uncover information to add to our dinosaur egg knowledge.


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