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Authentic Diplodocus Dinosaur Chevron


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Authentic Diplodocus Dinosaur Chevron

Jurassic 154 Million Years old

Morrison Formation


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Authentic Diplodocus Dinosaur Chevron

Includes custom metal stand with wood base

Chevron fossil measures 9-1/2″ long

This is a beautiful Jurassic piece!

Diplodocus was a type of sauropod (think long neck) which was a herbivorous dinosaur. This dinosaur lived during the Jurassic period and reached lengths of about 75 feet.   The name diplodocus means “double beam”, in reference to the double-beamed chevron bones located in the underside of the tail

chevron is one of a series of bones on the under side of the tail in many reptiles and dinosaurs. Their main function is to protect critical elements in the tail such as nerves and blood vessels from being damaged when the animal either supports its weight on its tail, or pushes it against a hard surface to propel itself. The hole in the top of the chevron is the nerve canal.


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