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Authentic Fossil Pine Cone #3


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Authentic Fossil Pine Cone #2 (with stem)


Araucaria mirabilis

Jurassic 180 Million Years Old

Patagonia, Argentina

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Authentic Fossil Pine Cone #3 (with stem)

Araucaria mirabilis

Four images are shown for this beautiful fossil pine cone:  front, rear, left, and right views.

This beautifully preserved authentic fossil pine cone measures approx. 2-3/4″ tall x 2-1/8″ wide

Araucaria mirabilis is an extinct species of coniferous tree from Patagonia, Argentina. A. mirabilis tree trunks could grow to heights of 330 feet in life. The site of  these coniferous trees was buried by a volcanic eruption during the Middle Jurassic, approximately 180 million years ago.


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