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Authentic Saurolophus Vertebra


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Authentic Dinosaur Vertebra

Saurolophus sp.

Cretaceous 69 Million Years Old


(Front, rear, 2 sides, top, and as mounted views shown)

Out of stock


Authentic Saurolophus Vertebra

Vertebra measures 4″ tall  x 2-3/4″ wide

Display measures 7-1/4″ tall on custom stand (included with vertebra)

Saurolophus was a large hadrosaur (think duck-billed dinosaur) that lived both in N. America and Asia during the late Cretaceous. It had a long, bony spike that protruded upward from its forehead. Saurolophus grew to lengths of 43 feet – wow!

Saurolophus dinosaur


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