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Authentic Dinosaur Gorgosaurus Tooth


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Tyrannosaurid Tooth

Gorgosaurus libratus

Cretaceous 75 Million Years ago

Two Medicine Formation


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Tooth measures 1-1/4″ along curve


Gorgosaurus, meaning “dreadful lizard”,  is a genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur that lived in western North America about 75 million years ago during the late Cretaceous.  Although smaller than Tyrannosaurus rex, the Gorgosaurus could still reach lengths of 30 feet. Like other tyrannosaurids, it was a bi-pedal predator equipped with dozens of large, serrated teeth.  Fossil evidence shows that tyrannosaurids, Gorgosaurus and Daspletosaurus may have coexisted.  Gorgosaurus teeth were typical of all known tyrannosaurids.


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