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Authentic Corythosaurus Tooth


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Fossil Dinosaur Tooth


Cretaceous, 75 Million years ago

Judith River Formation, Montana

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Authentic Corythosaurus Tooth

Fossil material from Corythosaurus is fairly rare.   

This tooth measures 3/4″ high and the membrane case included.

Corythosaurus is a “duck-billed” dinosaur, better known as a hadrosaur.  It had a very unusual crest upon its head. So the name Corythosaurus is quite fitting, since it means “helmet lizard”. By examining the teeth, paleontologists know that this dinosaur was a herbivore, a plant-eater. Corythosaurus was about 30 feet long and its skull was about 2-1/2 feet tall, including its crest. The skull with is distinctive crest resembles that of the modern day cassowary, which is a flightless bird.


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