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Authentic Nanotyrannus Tooth #2


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Authentic Nanotyrannus lancensis

Dinosaur Tooth Pre-max 

Cretaceous 66 Million Years ago

Hell Creek Formation


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Authentic Nanotyrannus lancensis 

Tyrannosaurid Dinosaur Tooth

This little beauty is a pre-max tooth from a juvenile Nanotyrannus!

Measures 1 inch along the curve of the tooth

Many paleontologists believe that Nanotyrannus is a separate genus of Tyrannosaurid dinosaur, and NOT a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex. For instance, the tooth of a T.rex is slightly more conical than that of a Nanotyrannus.  Additionally, the skull and other skeletal parts differ between the two.

For your reading pleasure and support of Nanotyrannus being a separate genus of Tyrannosaurid, checkout Witmer and Ridgely’s 2009 scientific publication at the link below:



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